RCC Flight Manifest Starter Solution

Welcome to the RCC Flight Manifest Starter Solution. Wether you are a business that charters flights, or just going out in your own personal aircraft for some high altitude sight seeing, our highly customizable solution will be your best friend. Inside the application you can keep track of all of your flight manifests and aircraft details. Add an aircraft to the manifest and it will automatically calculate weight as you add passengers and cargo. Here you can keep track of who and what will be on board, as well as its seat or position in the aircraft. It even has the ability to connect to a printer and print a beautiful single page manifest that includes all of your flight’s valuable information. Please enjoy this free starter solution from Richard Carlton Consulting, and have a safe flight.


This requires you to have FileMaker 17 (if you do not have FileMaker and are interested, please reach out to the RCC team for help).

The Flight Manifest can be used with FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect.

Option #1: Free Download - Limited Technical Support

Assuming you have FileMaker installed this kit comes with all the pieces you need to implement it on your own.

Option #2: Contact Us

If you are in need of our assistance, please contact the RCC team.