Lean Design

A 5-Day LiveStream Webinar featuring Nick Hunter

Learn to make FileMaker custom apps that perform fast while leveraging a remote FileMaker Server, like FileMaker Cloud. It is critical that developers know how to optimize FileMaker performance.

10 hours of awesome video training have been recorded. These videos will be published before July 1, 2019.

Download Sample Files

Day 1 - Monday  (June 10) - Completed - Recording Made

Why design is key to a successful custom app

●   Walk through Red Downtown Sample File

●   Present FMSP 7 and show real condition design guidelines in action

●   Explain Verticality, Accordion Tabs and Slide Control/Button Bar tabs

●   And much more…

Day 2 - Tuesday  (June 11) - Completed - Recording Made

Nick tells you all his “little secrets”

●   Walk through all Nick’s best Custom Functions

●   How to play with objects in layouts to add rich new features

●   How to organize Schema to save time and improve layout object reusability

●   Explore “hidden” techniques only known by a few in FileMaker’s inner circle

●   And much more…

Day 3 - Wednesday  (June 12) - Completed - Recording Made

Perform Script on Server “Reloaded”

●   Quick introduction to PSoS (Perform Script on Server)

●   Learn how to debug such scripts

●   Walk through Nick’s PSoS debugger feature

●   Learn how to build light bolt speed Finds using “Transfer of Found set”

Day 4 - Thursday   - Completed - Recording Made

Lean Design “Revolution”

●   Learn to replace long heavy scripts by smart and straightforward calculations

●   Learn the dark side of QuickFind. The fastest feature in the entire FileMaker platform

●   Learn to work with Auto Entry Calc in ways you couldn’t imagine possible

●   In-Portals Filtering vs. Relationships: How it works…

●   Learn to use “forgotten” Functions to lighten your code in an impressive manner

●   And much more…

Day 5 - Friday  (June 14)

The best for the end

●   Learn to work with advanced features in a very simple way

●   Learn how to combine multiple FileMaker component to build your own custom features

●   Replace script triggers with unforeseen techniques that will blow your mind

●   Learn to work with LET statements

●   Q&A of the week…

Lean Design Webinars will be recorded and released in the future.

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Sample file will be available after the Day 2 Webinar