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FM Starting Point CRM Integration with Quickbooks

FM Starting Point has been customized to integrate with QuickBooks Online utilizing the FM Book Connector Plugin from Productive Computing.   While most of the work has been done for you, additional development is necessary to complete the setup, configuration and customization for your company.

We utilize the FM Books Connector Online plugin from Productive Computing to handle the authentication and communication between FileMaker, FMSP and the QuickBooks Online API.  There are a number of scripts built into FMSP 7 that contains the logic and business protocols necessary to govern the flow of data between these two platforms.

QuickBooks Overview Video Productive Computing Plug-in

What is the Installation Process?

First, ensure that QuickBooks Online is installed and setup on your computer.  Then, you need to download the FM QuickBooks connector online plugin from Productive Computing.  Lastly, use the built in installation script available within FMSP under Preferences > QuickBooks.

Keep in mind, In order to use the plugin and QuickBooks features built into FMSP you will need to obtain a license from Productive Computing.

For a more detailed explanation of all the steps and settings that need to be configured please reference the flowchart shown to the left.


How do I Sync Invoices?

Invoices in FMSP are synced / pushed to Invoices in QBO.  Once invoices have been synchronized from FMSP to QBO, they are locked within FMSP to prevent modification.  If sales tax is applicable to the synced invoice, the sales tax amount from QBO will be pulled into FMSP as part of the sync.

If editing is necessary, the invoice can be unlocked from within FMSP which will delete the corresponding invoice in QBO.  This script in FMSP will not run, if FileMaker detects a payment has been made to the corresponding invoice in QBO.  Payments logged to QBO will be synced down to FMSP.  If an un-synced invoice is marked as paid, then FileMaker will notify QBO to make the appropriate Payment Entry.

For a more detailed model of how this is configured please reference the flowchart shown on the left.

How do I Sync Customers?

Accounts or Contacts from FMSP will be synced with customers in QBO.  During setup, you will need to specify whether an FMSP account record or FMSP contact record will represent an customer in QBO.  This is set under Preferences > QuickBooks within FMSP.

Customers are added and updated (based on modification count) from FMSP to QBO.  Amount Due is updated from QBO to FMSP.

For a more detailed model of how this is configured please reference the flowchart shown on the left.

How do I Sync Products?

Product records within FMSP are synced one way with Items in QBO.  Products inside FMSP that have been previously synced will only push edits to QBO when the FileMaker record modification count has been incremented.

Product records with no changes made to the modification count will be skipped when syncing products; as no database change has been made.

For a more detailed model of how this is configured please reference the flowchart shown on the left.

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Do you have a step - by - step guide detailing the setup of QuickBooks Online in FMSP?

Yes, we have recorded the entire process of setting up the integration of QuickBooks Online with a new copy of FMSP.  This video is provided to the left for you to watch.  Enjoy!

How are errors handled?

Sync errors are recorded on each associated record with description fields detailing the push or pull error.  Sync results and errors are also archived in the FMSP audit log.  Once errors are resolved, sync error fields on individual records are cleared and additional entries added to the audit log to indicate the problem is resolved.

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