Video Library Publication Kit

The Video Library Publication Kit enables organizations to put video libraries on their websites. VLPK allows organizations to easily update and maintain a collection of videos without the need to hire a Programmer or Developer. If you are comfortable editing records in FileMaker your organization can add, remove and edit the content.

VLPK is designed for organizations to have full control over the messaging and branding surrounding the content. This software allows your organization to focus the users on your messaging without all of the pop up ads.

Users access your collection of videos by clicking a link, which takes them to a list of videos on your organizations webpage. This is all driven dynamically by FileMaker.


-   Sample File
-   PHP/HTML Code that drives the system
-   Limited Tech Documents


This requires you to have FileMaker 18 (if you do not have FileMaker and are interested, please reach out to the RCC team for help).

To install this yourself you must be a technically advanced FileMaker developer that is capable of managing the FileMaker Data API.


-   All contents (text and images come out of FileMaker)
-   Video or PDF content stored elsewhere (Vimeo makes a good source for video streaming)
-   Control of branding and messaging
-   Content is Searchable
-   Works with FM Cloud
-   Works with PDFs and other documents
-   PHP/HTML code has been designed for optimization on mobile devices
-   No ad content on your page
-   Sub-section open and close capabilities
-   Optional Password Protection for the entire page

Option #1: VLPK Free Download - Limited Technical Support

Assuming you have FileMaker installed this kit comes with all the pieces you need to implement it on your own.

Option #2: Contact Us

If you are in need of our assistance or for more information on the VLPK set-up, please contact the RCC team.