Wolf's Toolbox Clip Manager for FileMaker

In need of a FileMaker solution that is built for efficiency and improved workflows? Wolf's Toolbox is a free FileMaker solution that lets you create repos of find and replace commands that can be performed on clips of XML. Other features include saving XML clips of scripts, script steps, layouts, custom function and more. All of which can be accessed from right clicking your mouse and adding the clip into your own solution, using the Monkeybread Plugin's context menu feature.

Wolf's Toolbox also gives you the ability to import and export syntax commands, repos and clips which will allow you to share these features with other people. This file will dramatically speed up your development process and will give you a competitive advantage over other FileMaker developers.

Download for free!


This requires you to have FileMaker 19 (if you do not have FileMaker and are interested, please reach out to the RCC team for help).
Wolf's Toolbox can only be used with FileMaker Pro.

ALERT: This is the product page for the Wolf ToolBox Clip Manager. If you are looking for the Wolfpack add-on manager click here.

Option #1: Free Download - Limited Technical Support

Assuming you have FileMaker 19 installed, this kit comes with all the pieces you need to implement it on your own.

Option #2: Contact Us

If you are in need of our assistance, please contact the RCC team.

Wolf's Toolbox was inspired by Kristian Olsen and is a product of RCC.

WolfToolbox is developer tool. It has 3 primary functions.

  • Create and organize Syntax Menu Commands (MBS).
  • XML snippet work station that: Cut XML from FM, Store XML Clips, Find/Replace Repos, and pasting XML back into FM.
  • Share XML objects/Find replaces and Syntax Menu Commands with other WolfToolbox users