What is FM Starting Point?

What is FM Starting Point?

FM Starting Point 2023 has been customized for use on the FileMaker 19 Platform. FMSP supports iPad, Windows, Mac OS X, and WebDirect.

In summary, FM Starting Point takes the most popular starter solution bundled with FileMaker Pro, to create a single useful tool...as opposed to separate databases which do not operate together. FM Starting Point has been downloaded over 700,550 times and is by far the most popular CRM available on the FileMaker platform. While the amazing price of FM Starting Point has a lot to do with its popularity, we routinely receive thank you notes from users thanking RCC for our contributions to the community for the release of this tool. We specifically designed FM Starting Point to be understandable by end users, making it easy for them to take it apart and customize for their particular needs.

Where does FM Starting Point fit in?

With the development of FileMaker Pro 10, a team was formed to redesign the Starter Solutions to take advantage of new FileMaker Pro 10 features and correct long-standing bugs in the Solutions. This team was composed of FileMaker, Inc. staff and RC Consulting team members. During the development process, the team considered several ideas to enhance the Starter Solutions; but these were ultimately rejected due to the need to keep the Starter Solutions as simple as possible for new users of FileMaker Pro 10. FM Starting Point includes these ideas and more. Since that time in 2009, FileMaker Inc. has released version 19 of their world famous database system. We have updated the FMSP to take advantage of some FileMaker 19 features, while adding a few new capabilities people were looking forward to having.

It's difficult to quickly summarize all of the features of FM Starting Point. FM Starting Point is equipped to manage business contacts (people who might be customers, or vendors, etc.), accounts, products, projects, and more. It uses FileMaker Pro Advanced 19's built-in emailing capability. FM Starting Point can even send invoices via email with an attached PDF. The list goes on and on — but it's free, so check it out for yourself!

Richard Carlton, CEO of RC Consulting, Inc.

Richard Carlton

CEO & Senior Engineer, RC Consulting, Inc.

Product Manager & Video Trainer, FMTraining.TV

Richard Carlton is a longtime veteran of the FileMaker Community. With his 30 years of experience, he has built a team of 32 FileMaker developers and supporting staff throughout North America. The headquarters of RCC and FMTraining.TV are in Santa Clara, CA.

Richard is best known for his video courses on the FileMaker Platform, developing “FM Starting Point” Business Software (free to everyone). RCC is involved with every facet of the FileMaker platform including: training, development of custom apps, and large scale deployments with organizations.

Richard has published numerous FileMaker Books (available on Amazon)

ISBN: 13: 978-1985579323 (FileMaker 16 Manual for Novices)
ISBN: 13: 978-1719179782 (FileMaker 17 Manual for Novices)
ISBN: 13: 979-8655392687 (FileMaker Manual for Novices 2021)

Richard has been a long time speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference, and provides free webinars to answer critical questions about the FileMaker Platform.

Richard Enjoys spending time with his family, their rescue cats, and working to earn his commercial pilots license.

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