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FM Starting Point is a totally unlocked CRM, allowing you to customize it for your organization. However, sometimes the requirements you have for a database exceed your FileMaker Pro skills, and you don't have the days or weeks to learn what you need. That's where the RCC Team can help.

As one of the largest and most experienced FileMaker Pro development groups, RCC can assist customers with customizing FM Starting Point, or any other FileMaker Pro database.

FileMaker One-on-one Coaching

FileMaker coaching is the opportunity to master your FileMaker skills while developing your own Customized Solution. Coaching is done in a LIVE environment, where you and a coach share a screen over the Internet to work on your solution. Projects consist of learning how to start a custom FileMaker solution, customization of RCC’s world-renowned FM Starting Point solution, and adding on to your own customized FileMaker solution. Reach out to us today to have an RCC FileMaker Engineer get in touch with you on how to take your solution beyond your current skill set.

Integrating with Barcodes, or other technologies

Because RCC has been able to successfully leverage barcode technology, clients now have the ability to experience faster event registration, easier product labeling, better inventory management, etc.

Additional Reports & Features

The database solutions we deliver are developed as the result of strong customer interaction and years of experience developing workflow management systems.

Web Connectivity

RCC has extensive experience in deploying web solutions with database connectivity. Our experience ranges from simple projects to complex e-commerce based systems.

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